Maximum words counter in the sentence

You would like to find the sentence containing the largest number of words in some given text. The text is specified as a string S consisting of N characters: letters, spaces, dots, question marks and exclamation marks.

The text can be divided into sentences by splitting it at dots, question marks and exclamation marks. A sentence can be divided into words by splitting it at spaces. A sentence without words is valid, but a valid word must contain at least one letter.

For example, given S = “We test coders. Give us a try?“, there are three sentences: “We test coders“, “ Give us a try” and ““. The first sentence contains three words: “We“, “test” and “coders“. The second sentence contains four words: “Give“, “us“, “a” and “try“. The third sentence is empty.

Write a function that, given a string S consisting of N characters, returns the maximum number of words in a sentence.

For example, given S = “We test coders. Give us a try?“, the function should return 4, as explained above.

Given S = “Forget CVs..Save time . x x“, the function should return 2, as there are four sentences: “Forget CVs” (2 words), “” (0 words), “Save time ” (2 words) and “ x x” (2 words).

Assume that:

  • the length of S is within the range [1..100];
  • string S consists only of letters (a-z, A-Z), spaces, dots (.), question marks (?) and exclamation marks (!).

In your solution, focus on correctness. The performance of your solution will not be the focus of the assessment.

function maxWordsCounter(S) {
    var sentencesList = [];
    var wordsList = [];
    var lenList = [];
    var i, j, wordCounter = 0;
    var updS = S;

    updS = updS.replace(/\.|\!|\?/g, '|'); // replace '.!?' with '|' (pipe symbol)
    sentencesList = updS.split('|');
    for (var i in sentencesList) {
        wordsList = [];
        wordsList = sentencesList[i].split(' ');
        for (var j in wordsList) {
            if(wordsList[j].trim() !== '') {
        wordCounter = 0;
    return Math.max(...lenList);

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